Romantic Elopements at Pine Manor. RSVP with $75


Parlor Wedding Ceremonies 8-8pm Daily

 Last minute or plan ahead,  Bring your Cook County Illinois Marriage License to this one-of-a-kind romantic elopement location.  Open 8-8pm every day by appointment - scheduling is easy. This is the wedding officiant's private home and the ability to accommodate your scheduled is more then possible.  A beautiful courthouse wedding alternative for Chicago couples who want to keep their wedding plans simple, intimate, and cost-efficient. Come dressed and ready for a Quick I Do or spend the day at the manor, Rev Pam has elopement packages for every style of wedding. Even Cosplay and an Elvis Presley impersonator! Give Rev Pam a call today, Pine Manor is the perfect place to say, "I DO! 


Summer & Fall Garden Ceremony

Pine Manor is noted for its 1920s charm and 5-Star suburban hospitality, offering a beautiful garden for your summer or fall nuptials. A honeysuckle archway covers the isle to the ceremony area, and status and flowers are everywhere.  


Bride's Prep Suite

Come with your hair and make up ready, and bring your dress. Pine Manor offers a beautiful suite upstairs for the bride or groom to get ready separately from their future spouse. Most packages have at least 1/2 hour prep time or this can easily be added on for a nominal up-charge. 

Elopement Packages, Just the Two Of you


Short Simple Ceremony, Or Stay for the Full Day

 Rev. Pam has pre-planned elopement packages for every style wedding which you customize to your exact dream wedding elopement. Come dressed and ready with your Cook County license and pose for a few photos, or spend the day and wake at our partner hotel with breakfast in bed, plus everything in-between.  Cosplay, Elvis Impersonator, 1920s Themed dress-up.  Even Geocache. If you don't see something or have an idea not represented here - give her a call. Rev. Pam is willing to accommodate most every reasonable request.  

Best Value ELOPEMENT Package (Cake Flowers & Photos) $695

OUR MOST POPULAR ELOPEMENT PACKAGE  The Best Value Wedding is a romantic 2-hour wedding package that includes a mini cake reception and a photo session.  If you are looking for a private specialized ritual that captures the magick of your love for each other, this is the perfect package. Watch the video and click here to Learn More  Best Value Wedding 


More Elopement Packages at Pine Manor Chicago


Quick "I DO" Package w/ Beverage Station $300

Come dressed and ready with your Cook county marriage license. You can exchange your vows in front of the fireplace in the parlor or weather permitting in the garden. This package includes a ceremony keepsake and a certificate of commitment suitable for framing, signing/filing your legal documents and providing you with tracking number, the beverage station with ice water and Keurig stocked with a variety of coffees, teas, cider, hot chocolate. Plus, take advantage of and plan dinner or a hotel room for after the ceremony.  Add Rev Pam's photo session $50.


Monday Ceremony Special $225. *Save $75

Come dressed and ready to this 45 Minutes No Frills package. No Photos. No Guests. Just legal and beautiful memories of a romantic wedding experience.   Rev Pam will perform a beautiful ceremony and you will take care of filing the license with the courthouse.  Book this package after work, or early morning too. RSVP Required Rev Pam is available schedule permitting until 8pm every night! Short Notice OK! 


Courthouse Alternative Elopement $350 1-1/2 Hrs w/Dressing Time.

This romantic package is designed to make all of your dreams come true and create unforgettable memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. With dressing time so your partner doesn't see you before the wedding.  Rev Pam has taken the worry out of wedding planning with this easily tailored package.   COUPON CODE  WedWednesday50  to receive $50 off your package if you book this on a Wednesday! Perfect package to add photos  and flowers. 

same day elopement chicago wedding chapel pine manor

The "Quickie" 45min / Same Day $250

If you already have your Cook County marriage license you can book this package last minute - or months ahead. You have your choice of a personalized pre-written ceremonies to exchange rings or no rings w/ a hand blessing.  Non religious. You come dressed and ready, enjoy an intimate ceremony and file the license at the courthouse yourself.  ( which is really easy - Rev Pam will help you) 

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All Day w/ Overnight & Breakfast in Bed! The EVERYTHING WEDDING

All Day elopement package includes lunch while you get ready at the manor, a private dinner in front of the wood burning fireplace, and your hotel overnight, plus engraved glasses, professional photographer or video and much more.  Pine Manor offers a variety of amenities and upgrades to make sure your special day is tailored to your specific tastes and needs. With this intimate elopement package or anniversary vow renewal, our destination venue has everything  you have been dreaming of for your special day.  

Cannabis Weddings & Honeymoons in Chicago IL -booking 2020

420 micro weddings at Pine manor Chicago will

420 Small Weddings & Elopements Coming January 2020 to Pine Manor

Illinois has legalized recreational marijuana January 2020. Pine Manor will be offering cannabis infused small wedding packages and elopements.  Call Rev Pam today to design the perfect package for you. 

Start Planning Your 420 Wedding Today!

Book your cannabis infused wedding today. Couples work with Rev Pam to find creative ways to incorporate bud into their special day. Personalized weddings could include a signature strain, curating marijuana-infused reception menus and trading in the house wine toast for a communal tokes.    

Add Rev Pam's Wedding Flowers to Any Package

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Beautiful Fresh Flower Bouquets and Wedding Party Flowers

Flowers by Rev Pam will save you money and the stress of working ao but another vendor. Rev Pam is a one stop shop for everything Wedding. 

beautiful brides bouquet, budget friendly wedding flowers, cheap wedding party flowers
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Your Wedding Theme

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Theme Your Elopement

Pine Manor offers beautiful and romantic packages for just the two of you. Make your day even more meaningful by creating a theme for your wedding. Something that you both love together. Have a cosplay wedding! Dress as your favorite anime character, Medieval Attire and later attend Ren Faire in Bristol Wisconsin just 40 minutes from the manor. Plan a 1920s  theme dress as a flapper, or have our Elvis Impersonator sing your first dance song. Plan a Geocacher elopement and find all of Rev Pam's (aka: PAMag76) hides nearby Pine Manor). Receive a Just Married Pathtag to log in for your collection.